Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter's Dust Falls Away

Rain falls onto the winter-dead ground outside our apartment, soaking into the soil, caressing the dormant earth.  A whisper, a promise.  Soon. The warmth will return soon. 

As the water runs down, it drags along the dirt left by months of bitter cold, cleaning the sidewalks and the trees. 

Cleaning my soul of the debris left behind by the winter chill, the wrenching move, the uprooting and rerooting of our family.

I feel like this every year, when the winter lets up just enough for my heart to realize that spring really will come again.  That the cold can't stand forever outside my door, sucking the color out of life, swallowing my will to move.  That the sun really is coming back, to warm my skin and my heart,  to pull the green grass up out of the ground, to crown the trees with their leaves again. 

.... It just feels good to remember that.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I feel like I've been frozen.  Watching the piles of snow melting outside the windows of our apartment, it's as if I can feel the frozen things in me melting as well.  Melting, not to disappear, but melting so as to move again.

The winter has always been hard on me, but just now, I can feel the inevitability of spring.