Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Six days on...

It's been six days since I started limiting Joel's nursing time.  During the day, this has not been a problem at all.  I started by cutting out his mid-morning session, and he hasn't even protested.

Nighttime, on the other hand...

About the time his first tooth was coming through, Joel started wanting to nurse all night long (or, more correctly, to sleep with my nip in his mouth).  This arrangement would have been fine except that I wasn't getting any sleep, and he wasn't getting good sleep.  (I think he just gets too hot, and he likes to spread out, so that wasn't really doing it for him.)

So for the last six days, there has been lots of nocturnal screaming.  I nurse him to sleep, and instead of nursing him back to sleep when he wakes, I have just been trying to soothe him back to sleep. 

It has not worked much.

Pretty much any time his back touches his mattress, he freaks out, thrashes and screams, and it's impossible to calm him down.  He has a little light-up music box in his crib, and a couple nights that has worked to entertain him until he fell back to sleep.  Last night, though, I had to concede, after 30 minutes, that it just wasn't happening.  I took him to the living room and fussed around trying to get him still and comfortable.  He soon decided he'd rather be on the floor, so I put him there and slept in the chair myself.  That lasted for about 4 hours, then I nursed him and snuggled him to warm him up, and we both spent the rest of the night in our own beds.

I totally hate this.  I never know what I'm doing or what is best, and I am tired all day and it just sucks.