Monday, September 12, 2011

My Husband is not an idiot...

Sometimes, I think I might lose my mind if he doesn't put his butter knife in the sink instead of leaving it on the counter, and it's lost on me how he fails to understand that the knives in the knife block have assigned seating.

But he's not an idiot, an incompetent moron, or a knuckle-dragging ape like the men portrayed in today's sitcoms, commercials and other media.

Now, I am as much a feminist as the next gal.  I believe in equality.  I support women leading in ministry, and I'd have no problem voting for a female president (provided that the candidate wasn't batshit crazy).  But I can't get down with all the man-bashing that is going on on TV.

I'm not of the generation of women who say, "I don't need a man!  I can change my own oil!"  I'm more along the lines of, "I don't need you to change my oil, honey, but I'd like  you to, because I wanna check my Facebook and then go take a nap."

So there's that.

But every time I hear some guy threaten to take away some other guy's "man card," I get pretty annoyed.

And every time I see a guy say he doesn't watch a certain show, listen to a certain band, or like a certain activity because he's a dude or it isn't "manly," it really pisses me off.

Do you know what I think is manly?
  • My husband, diaper bag strapped across his back, pushing the baby in the stroller
  • My husband, honoring Creation by learning to grow the gorgeous flowers in our yard
  • My husband, spending all day every Friday cleaning the house and caring for the kids while I work
Greg is man enough to own what he enjoys (whether it be Coldplay's music, watching So You Think You Can Dance, or learning to garden) instead of lining up with the "manly" status quo.

And I totally dig that about him.

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