Thursday, May 19, 2011

And then...

I have a couple drafts that I need to fill out and polish up to publish here, some thoughts that I've been chewing on for a while.

I have been meaning to get to them all week, and I just haven't done it.  So, frustrated with myself, I decided last night that I would definitely do some writing today.

I woke up at 7 a.m. and nursed the baby for about 25 minutes.  When I got up, my coffee was already made, thanks to Greg's latest gift to me: a programmable coffee maker.  Nice!  So I made coffee and ate a bagel, then straightened up the kitchen and checked my email and Facebook.

At 8 a.m., Joel still asleep, I turned on Sophie's morning cartoons and grabbed the screwdriver so I could replace the broken pieces on one of her underbed drawers.  After I fixed the drawer, I mounted hooks for her sweatshirts and jackets inside her little wardrobe (and then had to remove the doors in order to remove the shelves that aren't in use right now).

About 9 a.m.. Joel woke up, so I put him in his chair in the bathroom and took a shower.  Sophie and I are having a pink-and-green party today, so she is wearing her Oscar the Grouch shirt with pink pants, and I am wearing a grey t-shirt with my pink-and-green pajama pants.  I got myself ready and cleaned the bathroom.

Joel played in his crib for quite a while as I sorted the load of diapers by size and type and put them away (in the dresser that is now his, since his sister has the new bed/dresser combo).  I texted a friend to see how her day was going.

When Joel started to fuss, I took him to the kitchen and danced with him and Sophie.  Glee songs, mostly.  Some Bruno Mars, and Gaga, of course.  While I was dancing, I noticed how gross the stovetop was, so I put Joel in his swing, gave Sophie her Toy Story figurines, and disassembled the stove to soak in some vinegar and water. 

For the next hour, I danced some more, applauded Sophie's block-building skills, cleaned the kitchen again, nursed the baby again, cleaned up the family room floor, and wiped down surfaces in the bathroom. 

Oh, and gathered up odds and ends of dirty laundry. 

And repaired a broken toy (a terrific garage sale find, regardless of what Greg says) with the part that came in the mail today.

And for the rest of the day, all I have to do is put Joel's clothes away in his drawers and closet, put away my basket of clean laundry, sweep and mop the bathroom, straighten up the extra bedroom (overflowing with items for this weekend's garage sale) and vacuum.

And make dinner.

And dust the living room.

And clean the kitchen again.

And nurse the baby some more.

And catch up with my hubby when he gets home.

And be present for my daughter when she wants some attention.

And then I can sit down and blog!  Yay!

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