Friday, April 22, 2011

Good (Earth) Fri(Day)

Today, Christ is on the cross. 

Today He suffers.

Today He bleeds.

Today He is mocked.

Today, the Word, through whom all things were created, is tortured and killed by the creation.

It is cruel.  It is violent.  It is disturbing.

It is compelling.

This Jesus, this gentle, compassionate, sinless Jesus, who is one with God the Father, who could call down the angels of heaven to whisk him away into glory, submits himself to this agony at the hands of humanity.


To be sure, it is for the very people victimizing him, and for their children, and their children's children, down to you and me, and our children, too. 

But not just these. 

Scripture speaks of Creation itself being subjected to a curse, of its groaning as with birth pains.  Scripture also speaks of the eventual renewal of all things, and of Christ being the means by which God is reconciling all things to himself.

So today is Good Friday, and Christ is on the cross.

For you.

For me.

For the reconciliation of all things.


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