Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7 months? That's not so bad!

So, it has been 7 months since I have updated my blog.  Not great, I guess, as far as consistency goes, but I can say that I've been busy!  Since that last post on April 8, I have found out I was pregnant, had a severe gall bladder attack, suffered 4 months of morning sickness, had said gall bladder removed, had blood drawn from between my knuckles by a lab tech who clearly wanted to see me pass out, quit my old job as a teachers' aide and started a new job as a substitute teacher.  I've watched two of my good friends say their vows and work through the joys and frustrations of a couple's first year of marriage, I spent 6 weeks teaching some really wonderful 7th graders, I've spent a lot of time and effort pondering the life of faith, and I have rearranged most of the rooms in my house (with Greg's help, of course) in preparation for the birth of our son, who is due to join us sometime around December 23rd.

And, most fulfillingly, I can say that I have spent a great deal of time at home, taking care of my husband, my daughter, and our baby-to-be, and I have never, ever been more content in my life. 

I have also watched my Sophie grow from a baby into a little girl, which has been and continues to be thrilling and disturbing.

And now the holiday season is upon us, and I have so many thoughts circling around in my head that it's hard to grab just one and follow it for any distance, so I am going to challenge myself to do just that, right here on my blog, mostly because The Crazy Has To Go Somewhere. 

Stay tuned.  Or not.  :)

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